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Zanadu is an online boutique travel solution provider in China. Company positioned itself as a high-end travel service and lifestyle platform, which meet the growing upgrade needs of Chinese middleclass. Zanadu is a Pioneer in travel VR, company has its own production and distribution team and launched online service through App and wechat.


Hyperloop One is a US company located in California and established in July 2014, company is the Pioneer and Leader in Hyperloop industry. Company’s mission is connect everyone and move everything by developing Elon Musk’s Hyperloop concept. So far, company had successfully finished first stage experiment and several financings.


Yellomobile is one of the largest mobile internet company in Korea, its business include E-commerce, Media, Advertisement, Travel and O2O service. Company’s mission is to become the largest mobile internet platform in Asia, provide one-stop service for customers. Company will launch its IPO in the near future and aim to enlarge its influence.

Taidu Tech

Taidu Tech, founded in 2014, is one of the leading companies in game and e-sports hardware production industry. Taidu Tech, user experience oriented, tries its best to supply professional hardware for game and e-sports players. Sky, the founder of Taidu Tech, has won the world championship of WCG twice in 2005 and 2006. He is the representative of Chines e-sports industry.


VPgame, founded in 2012, is one of the leading E-sports services platforms in China. Its business includes: items trading, items betting, items bidding, items giveaway, tournaments platform, tournaments communication, data analysis, and so on.

Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd.

Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. (Qihoo 360) is a leading internet platform company in China. At the end of June 2014, Qihoo 360 had about 496 million monthly active Internet users, according to iResearch, ranked the second largest internet company in China as measured by active user base. Recognizing security as a fundamental need of all Internet and mobile users, Qihoo 360 built a large user base by offering comprehensive, effective and user-friendly Internet and mobile security products. Qihoo 360 strives to provide services that protect users' computers and mobile devices against malware and malicious websites.

Victory Production

Victory Production, founded in 2003, is one of the best TV drama studios in Korea. It’s famous for “Queen Ki” and “I Summon You, Gold”.

Fun Factory

Fun Factory, founded in 2014, is one of the best talk show production teams in China. Fun factory produced or helped partners to produce several excellent works such as “Tonight ,  80’s talk show”, ”Pu Chi offline talk show”.

Lanyou Culture

Lanyou Culture,founded in 2014, focuses on running e-sports tournaments. In the past 2 years, Lanyou has holded Chuang League, Dota 2 Open and other games. Chuang League, covering most universities of China, is ranked the biggest college e-sports tournament.


Zaihang, founded by Ji Shisan and Guokr in March 2015, is a knowledge sharing economy platform. Anyone who is expert at any areas could help learners to solve their personalized problems. In May 2016, Fenda, a new question- and- answer product based on sound in 60 seconds,  was launched by Zaihang and soon becomes so popular that it attracts a large number of stars, tutors and web celebrities. By now, Guokr completes its knowledge sharing economy products including Guokr, MOOC, Zaihang and Fenda.


Forgame Holdings Limited, founded in 2009,one of the leading webgame developer and publisher in China, has launched over 20 titles since its inception. It also has 15 core studios including 5 of the best teams in the industry. What's more,91wan is one of the top-tier publishing platforms in China.It launched several excellent webgames, for example, Ming Dynasty, Soul Guardian, True King, Soul Guardian 2, Drunken Westward Journey.
Forgame has completed the IPO in the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange on October 3, 2013 (00484.HK).


Dexter Co., LTD.,as one of the leading VFX companies in Asia, has produced lots of most famous VFX movies, such as, The Taking of Tiger Mountain,Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon,The Monkey King,The Pirate and Mr Go.Dexter is widely recognized by the movie industry.Dexter has applied for IPO in Korea Exchange in Sep,2015. Dexter has completed the IPO in KOSDAQ on DEC 22, 2015(206560.KOSDAQ).


iDreamSky, founded in 2009, is one of the largest mobile game publishing platforms in China by registered users and active users.
iDreamSky collaborates with top-tier international mobile game developers to introduce their hit games into Chinese market. iDreamSky has built strong business relationships with such best game developers as Halfbrick, Imangi, Disney, Gameloft, Lima Sky, Devsisters, Sega, Miniclip, and Namco Bandai. iDreamSky is committed to bringing the best mobile game experience to China's massive users. iDreamSky currently offers a portfolio of over 100 casual and mid- hardcore mobile games in various genres, such as Temple run, Fruit Ninja, Cookie Run, Doodle Jump, Birzzle and Asphalt 6, each of which has/had been ranked the most favorite game in China. In addition, iDreamSky has managed to publish Three Blade Masters, the first 3D martial-arts mobile game worldwide.
iDreamSky(NASDAQ:DSKY) has successfully listed on Nasdaq on August 8, 2014."


Renrenche,founded in 2014, is one of the leading second-hand car trading platform in China.It helps customers buy used cars from their owners directly to save trading cost obviously. What’s more, Renrenche will examine the used car throughly for customers and gurantee its quality for 1-2 years, which makes the trade efficiently. Because of its excellent performance, Renrenche was ranked one of the top 10 O2O companies in China in 2014 by SooToo.com.


Machipopo, a Taiwan internet company, is the leading reality mobile video streaming platform in Taiwan and Asian Chinese-speaking area.  Its product “17” generates nearly 1 million ios and Android users in two month operation. 

Hero Entertainment

Hero Entertainment,founded on June 16,2015, is one of the leading mobile games developers and distributors. .It has launched several excellent games, such as: Crisis Action, Tiantian Xuanwu.According to the research report from Sutu, it was ranked the second largest company in 2015H1 in related market,just next to Tencent. It has purchased Sailsors to get listed in NEEQ, and its stock code is 430127.


DianPing is China’s leading local service information and transaction platform, one of the China’s most favorable local service applications. Until Q2 2015, DianPing has over 200 million users, its services cover more than 2500 cities in China,and more than 200 countries globally. 


ImbaTV is a content distribution platform focused on Gaming video, dedicate in producing best gaming video content globally. ImbaTV established the first crowdfunding e-sports “I League” in China, with good reputation among players.

Fu Shou Yuan Group

Fu Shou Yuan Group is the largest provider of death care/burial and funeral services in Chinese funeral services industry, owning 22 subsidies in Shanghai, Chongqing, Hefei, Jinan, Zhengzhou, Jinzhou, Xiamen, Nanchang,covering cemetery industry, funeral services industry,cremation machines industry.

Fu Shou Yuan Group has completed the IPO in the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Dec 19, 2013 (00484.HK). Prometheus Capital is one of its cornerstone / anchor invstors.

Dining concept

Dining concept is one of the leading middle and high-end restaurant chains in Hongkong and Macau, owning 24 restaurants,covering 20 famous brands, for example,Bistecca,Blt burger,Blt steak,Toro,Tango,Carnevino. All of the restaurants are located at the prime location, such as Soho,Harbour City,Time Square,Venetian Hotel. Dining concept grows quickly with 3-5 new restuarants every year.
Dining Concept has applied for IPO in HK in April,2015.

Wuxi Lead Auto Equipment Co., LTD.,

Wuxi Lead Auto Equipment Co., LTD., as one the of leading smart equipment suppliers in China, provides equipments and total sulotions for thin film solar cell manufactuers, Li - ion battery manufactures, photovoltaic cell/models manufactures,the manufactures of green energy products.
Wuxi Lead Auto Equipment Co., LTD. has successfully listed on Growth Enterprises Market of China on May 18, 2015.

Shanghai Wangyu Info Technology Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Wangyu Info Technology Co.,Ltd.,as one of the leading net bar companies, is trying to provide customers with totally different experience of iternet surfing.As of Dec 31,2014, Wangyu has operated more than 200 stores with more than 4 millionmember- ship in more than 50 cities. Wangyu has provieded services for more than 15 million customers up to now.


Palantir is one of the leading big data analysis companies in the world. It could analyze huge/entire data of different types efficiently and effectively, including financial data, DNA samples, voice data, video data,maps,and so on, totally depanding its own advanced arithmetic.

Leshi Sports

Leshi Sports is one of the leading sprots video suppliers in China. Leshi Sports is the only company in China owning the IP of top 5 League of Euro.What's more, Leshi Sports has the IP of CBA, Euroleague,AFC Champions League,CSL,WTA,ATP,China Open,The Masters,The Open Championship,USPGA Championship,and so on.

Palm Landscape Architecture

Palm Landscape Architecture Company Limited is one of the leading companies in  landscape industry in China. It has achieved the highest dual-Class A qualifications, including the Grade 1 qualification for the urban landscape garden construction and the Class A qualification for the construction and design of landscape architecture in specialized top industries.the Palm Landscape Architecture houses approximately 3,000 employees, with branches and offices established in over 20 cities and provinces.
Prometheus Capital has joined in Palm Landscape Architecture Company Limited's private placement in 2014.

Tian Ge Interactive Holdings Limited

Tian Ge Interactive Holdings Limited is one of the largest live social video platforms in China. As of Dec 31, 2014, Tiange had up to 269 million registered users with 13.90 million monthly active users and 347 thousand monthly paid users.

Tian Ge Interactive Holdings Limited (SEHK 1980) went public on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 9, 2014. Prometheus Capital is one of its cornerstone / anchor invstors.

Mt. Hannashan Group

Mt. Hannashan Group, focusing on Korean food,  is one of the leading resturant chains in China, operating different business types, such as: barbique, bibimbap, yakiniku, spicy pot, tangtangzhengzheng dessert.  Mt. Hannashan Group now has about 200 self-operated restaurants in more than 40 cities across the China.

Arrail Dental

Arrail Dental,set up in Beijing in 1999, is No.1 brand for high quality dental services in China. Arrail Dental always aims to build the best dental service provider. As of Dec.31, 2013, Arrail Dental has about 30 self-operated clinics and 1 hospital in operation in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Tianjin. All clinics are located at the CBD of selected tier 1 or tier 2 cities. With great experiences in dental services, all dentists of Arrail Dental graduated from famous universities, such as University of London, Peking University, West China School of Medicine. Arrail Dental has delivered professional, leading, premium services for more than 1 million clients and several famous companies both at home and abroad since its inception.

GDC Technology

GDC Technology is one of the world’s leading solution providers for digital cinema applications. It is currently the largest provider of digital cinema servers throughout Asia and the second largest worldwide (per installed base). In addition, the Company offers private digital cinema solutions with content release and picture quality equivalent to commercial digital cinemas to high-net-worth individuals in China, and licenses and resells China Giant Screen system (one of a few large-screen formats used by Hollywood blockbusters) all over the world. The Company has offices in 8 different countries and regions around the world.

GDC has been taken over by Huayi Brothers(300027.SZ) on Sep 17, 2014.

Zhejiang Cenway New Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Cenway New Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd. is a leading company in butyl rubber’s research, manufacture and distribution in China. While there are few companies producing halogenated butyl rubber, Cenway is one of them. Because of its good airtightness and endurance against grinding and aging, butyl rubber could be widely used in tubes, waterproof, seal products and pharmaceutical products. Comparing with butyl rubber’s, halogenated butyl rubber sulfurs quickly and has better rubber compatibility and heat resistance which makes it could be widely used in inner sealing layer of tubeless tyre, sidewall and adhesive of radial tyres. Now Cenway is able to synthesize 65,000 mt of butyl rubber annually. Considering its new halogenated butyl rubber line with designed capacity of 50,000mt per annum, Cenway will take a leading place in production capacity, technology and production quality in domestic butyl rubber market.http://www.cenway.com/

9TOP Group

9TOP Group is a leading specialist office services outsourcing provider in China with the conception of low-carbon and green logistic. The company is dedicated to providing scientifically rigorous services and fundamental solutions to the office logistical troubles for customers. To extricate them from complex routine procurement and logistics management, customers could focus more on their main business. The company has established Hangzhou base as center of Yanzi river delta district and Chendu base as center of southwest district, and set up branches in Hangzhou ,Chengdu, Ningbo, Shanghai and Jiande.  After several-years development, 9top has gained widespread recognition and reputation from customers and the community, as well as many honors such as Zheshang the most investment value enterprise, Zhejiang New Champions brand, 2011 Zhejiang Conference best Investment potential Award, etc.http://www.9top.com/

Wuxi Hygood New Technology Ltd.

Wuxi Hygood New Technology Ltd. is the leading manufacturer in Aluminum Nitride Substrates(AlN)in China. Havingthe characteristics of high thermal conductivity, high electric insulation and low dielectric constant, AlN substrate could be widely used as package template and themal-module board in the industriesof LED, large scale integrated circuit, semiconductor circuit and high power devices. As one of the advanced materials with wide applications, AIN is listed on the catalog of the Key Industries, Products and Technologies. AIN industry enjoys financial support from National Innovation Fund and belongs to the key projects of National Torch Program.

Recently, Wuxi factory has smoothly manufactured products as Beijing factory and launched to deliver its products to some global famous customers. http://www.hy-good.com/

Taidu Tech
Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd.
Victory Production
Fun Factory